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For how long can we live our lives without trying to answer this infamous question?
Should designers code?

since someone on the internet last tried to answer this question

Recent occurrences

Dec 11
"Of course designers should know how to code.”
Merry on Twitter

Dec 10
“Recognize the value of being a more articulate, capable, and informed technologist, but don’t put it on a pedestal. It’s just another tool."
Matt Born on Medium

Dec 7
“#ProTip: should designers learn to code? Dunno, but learn HTML & CSS"
JontyBowers™ on Twitter

Dec 6
”Why I’m learning to code as a designer, and you should too”
Desap on Medium

Dec 4
Should designers code? Yes!
Alex Price on Dribbble

Dec 1
“...I found that the knowledge of a code can only benefit you."
Nika Myag on Medium

Nov 30
”Technical knowledge is always beneficial for designers…”
ETPH1HOME on Reddit

Nov 29
“Should designers code? Should CEOs PDF?"
Eli Schiff on Twitter

Nov 27
”Should I dress more fancy? Should I code?”
Adrián Mato on Twitter

Nov 26
Should Designers Code
Jens Oliver Meiert on

Nov 24
"Should UX designers be able to code (video)"
Pentoz on Youtube

Nov 22
Should Architects Write Code? You Bet They Should!
Sylvia Fronczak on DZone

Nov 21
”Be careful not to get into any Thanksgiving arguments with your Aunt Nancy about (…) should designers code.”
Brad Frost on Twitter

Nov 20
" least learning to code can be helpful in these 3 ways..." on Twitter

Nov 17
"...I’m not saying that everybody needs to know how to code, but..."
Oliver Lindberg on MediaTemple

Nov 13
"Should designers code?" (Yes.) This tweet is just testing this website
Daniel Howells on Twitter

Nov 09
“I'm not going to make this a 'should designers code’ kind of thing, but…”
Marcos Mejia on Elegant Tools

Nov 06
Forget “should designers code?”, I’m powering “should designers write?”
Mikey Cattell on Twitter

Nov 05
Should Designers Code?
St Louis Design Week

Nov 04
”No you don't need to know how to code to be a better designer.”
Alex Styl on Twitter

Oct 30
”f*ck “should designers code”, gimme a designer who can write copy”
@fanelli on Twitter

Oct 28
Coding Design 🦄
Edmundo Santos on Edmundojr

Oct 25
Designers who can code are more valuable
Benek Lisefski on UX Collective

Oct 25
“Should designers code?” — the podcast
Great Ndidi on

Oct 24
“Should designers code? I don’t care.”
Al Power on Muzli

Oct 24
“I'm a multi-media graphic designer and I want to learn how to code!”
Anonymous on Quora

Oct 16
“Learning to code can enrich your work as a designer”
Emily Stevens on CareerFoundry

Oct 16
”Learning to code is great, but it’s a means to an end”
Patrick Stafford on InVision Blog

Oct 11
Should designers code? — the talk
by Pixelgeek on Youtube

Oct 10
Once you design with code you’ll never go back
Designforventures on Design + Sketch

Oct 05
Should designers code, write, or understand business?
Jon Yablonski on A List Apart

Sep 24
Should Designers Code?
Maddy Angstreich on Design Collective

Sep 24
Should you learn to code?
Identity Division

Sep 10
Designers Should Learn How to Code (Among Other Things)
Nick Rollins on UX Engineer